International Quantum Cascade Lasers School & Workshop 2014, September 7th-12th 2014



Tutorial Speakers

Alexey Belyanin (Texas A&M University, USA)
“Optical Nonlinearities, Mode Locking, and Ultrashort Pulse Generation in Quantum Cascade Lasers”
Jerome Faist (ETHZ, Switzerland)
“Quantum cascade lasers frequency combs in the mid-infrared and terahertz”
Sushil Kumar (Lehigh University, USA)
“Terahertz quantum cascade lasers: recent progress and future challenges”
Edmund Linfield (University of Leeds, UK)
“MBE Growth of GaAs-AlGaAs Terahertz Frequency Quantum Cascade Lasers”
Carlo Sirtori (Université Paris-Diderot, France)
“Microwave modulation of quantum cascade lasers”
Gottfried Strasser (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)
“Growth and Processing of QCLs: from Material Aspects to Integrated Optics”
Roland Teissier (University of Montpellier II, France)
“Short wavelength Quantum Cascade Lasers: Materials, physics and applications”
Frank Tittel (Rice University, USA)
“Inter-band & Sub-band Quantum Cascade Laser based Trace Gas Sensor Technologies: Recent advances and Applications”
Karl Unterrainer (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
“Ultrafast phenomena and time domain spectroscopy in THz QCLs”
Masamichi Yamanishi (Hamamatsu Photonics, Japan)
“Frequency-Noise and Linewidth of Quantum-Cascade Lasers”

Keynote speakers

Federico Capasso (Harvard University, USA)
“Quantum Cascade Laser based Mid-IR Photonics: an enabling technology for the “Internet of  Things””
Claire Gmachl (Princeton University, USA)
“Mid-InfraRed Technologies for Health and the Environment”
Theodor Hänsch (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Germany)
“Spectroscopy with Laser Frequency Combs”
Qing Hu (MIT, USA)
“THz QCL frequency combs, amplifiers, and antenna-coupled efficient emitters”

Invited speakers

Mikhail Belkin (The University of Texas at Austin)
“Nonlinear optics with quantum-engineered intersubband metamaterials”
David Burghoff (MIT, USA)
“Terahertz quantum cascade laser frequency combs”
Damien Weidmann (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Oxford UK)
“Application of Quantum Cascade Lasers for Coherent Remote Sensing of Chemicals”
Marco Ravaro (CNR-INO, Italy)
“Mid-infrared digital holography with a quantum cascade laser”
Bela Tuzson (EMPA, Switzerland)
“Frontiers of mid-IR Direct Absorption Laser Spectroscopy: Applications, Advances and Outlook”

Industrial Session

Timothy Day (Daylight Solutions, USA)
“Twenty Years On: Current State of the Art in Commercialization and Applications of Quantum Cascade Lasers and Instruments”
Barry McManus (Aerodyne Research Inc. USA)
“Application of Quantum Cascade Lasers to High Precision Atmospheric Trace Gas Instruments:
Performance, Laser Personality and Noise Analysis”

Stéphane Blaser (Alpes Lasers, Switzerland)
“High performance, low dissipation QCL across the mid-IR range”